Friday, 28 June 2013

Nelson Mandela in hospital kidneys given in needs dialysis

Nelson Mandela "He's still on the eyes"
His kidneys are not working, he needs dialysis every three hours. South Africa awaits the death of Nelson Mandela. His daughter and granddaughter report from the visit to the clinic.

Mandela's grandson and great-grandson take flowers in front of the clinic reception. The people of South Africa have large share of the health Mandela.

The family of former South African President Nelson Mandela has prepared the country on Thursday for the approaching death of the anti-apartheid hero. His condition was "very critical. From one moment to the next, anything can happen," his eldest daughter Makaziwe Mandela told the station SAFM. However, her father, her eyes still open and responsive to touch.

"God alone knows when will the hour strike. We will wait with dad," she said in the interview. "But we live in hope until the end comes," Makaziwe Mandela said.

Maybe God is gracious and "Tata (father) is on 18 July as a family to celebrate his birthday as always still alive and we can," Mandela's granddaughter, Ndileka Mandela said. My grandfather is 18 July 95 years old. "I will not lie, it does not look good., But he still makes his eyes," added the granddaughter.

South Africa
People dance for Mandela from hospital

U.S. diplomats worried about Obama's visit program
U.S. diplomats are deeply concerned that the meticulously planned, three-day program of visits by U.S. President Barack Obama could be completely unrealistic a deceased Mandela at the Cape. Mandela should even die until Friday morning, the deletion of the entire Obama's visit would be considered in light of the then-proclaimed national mourning, Western diplomats said. Obama is expected on Friday in South Africa.

President Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday night, Mandela hover "remains in critical condition." The Head of State said so from a planned for Thursday attending a regional summit in Mozambique. Zuma expressed relying on Mandela's doctors after a visit at the bedside of his predecessor's Mediclinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria. Nelson Mandela was on 8 June brought the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria because of severe pneumonia and artificially ventilated by Marital information. Because renal failure is also needed dialysis every three hours. The doctors have offered the family to decide on the cut of the life support device, the newspaper "The Citizen" reported, citing relatives.

Hillary Clinton wishes all the best via Twitter
Because of his struggle against apartheid, he sat for 27 years in detention in 1994, he was elected the first black president of South Africa and remained in office until 1999. He paved the way for reconciliation between blacks and whites in his home country and is revered as the father of modern South Africa.

The whole world pray for Mandela, said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York. He called the former president "one of the giants of the 20th century." The former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent via Twitter their love and their prayers to "our great friend Madiba, his family and his country." Madiba is Mandela's tribal name. Prior to the clinic in Pretoria gathered to many South Africans, and laid wishes, letters, flowers and stuffed animals down before a photo, all night burning candles.

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