Monday, 21 November 2011

Nelson Mandela gives name to Trier school

Types of housing: even long after the breaking of the traffic light
coalition in the City Council, there are certain similarities between
the SPD, Greens and FDP. The three factions wanted to know in one
application, such as the city promotes community living.
Social Dezernentin Angelika Birk (Green) pointed to the financing of
a project developer that encourage such forms of housing will, and
gave examples of voluntary associations and initiatives.
Baudezernentin Simone Kaes-Torchiani (CDU) reported on the mixed model
project generation and barrier-free living in the area of ​​BU 13 (In
Students: The FDP wanted to know how the city adjusting to ever
increasing student numbers and the consequences as "overcrowded buses,
parking problems and lack of affordable housing." The management
assesses the situation is less dramatic: "So far, the market is always
quick to set the actual demand constraints primarily occur only at the
beginning of the semester." Birk said Deputy Mayor.
Neon sign: Several applications for the erection of large,
electrically illuminated advertising structures - so-called video
walls or City Light Boards - lie outside the city for the street and
the Bitburger Zurmaiener road. According to the City Council make such
advertising investments because of their size, movement of the images
and reflections of light, however, a distinct change in the city is
and can distract from the road. Especially to the city gates in
Trier-Nord and Süd-free to think about such billboards, the city
council wants to set up development plans with appropriate
prohibitions. The city council agreed unanimously.
Child care: The City Council has released nearly 66 000 euros for
reconstruction to expand the day care center in St. Augustine
Weidengraben in New Kürenz. 143 000 € more shoots to the country and
well 81 000 € the diocese as a carrier. Construction will be completed
in mid 2012th In addition to the already approved additional nativity
group and the opening of a kindergarten class for two years the
Council has also set up yet another group approved crib with ten seats
and approved for additional annual operating costs of 11 500 €.
In the nursery Trimmelter 18 places to farm for two year olds to be
created. The two-year-olds should be included in the existing three
control groups. To ensure the care and the expansion of full-day
supply, 1.75 additional jobs are needed, the City Council has approved
Relief: the City Council unanimously voted the year ending 31 December
2009 and found relieves the town board. For this agenda item, the
oldest member of the Council headed Ricarda Kuhner (CDU; is on
December 5, 71 years) the session. According to Juergen Plunien (CDU),
speaking as chairman of the audit committee for all factions, is the
extraordinary late-final rubber stamp back to the introduction of the
new double-entry accounting system, which is far more complex than the
previous usual cameral. The balance sheet total at 31 December 2009
was almost 1.4 billion euros shortfall: approximately € 63.5 million.
Renaming: The real school plus (Trier-South) is from 27 April 2012
Nelson Mandela Secondary School plus Trier - so overwhelmingly adopted
by the City Council. There were no votes against, but seven
abstentions (FWG and complete each one council member of the CDU and
FDP). For the Free Voters founded Margret Pfeiffer Erdel the
abstention as follows: Normally schools would be named after
historical figures no longer alive. Nelson Mandela (93) fought against
racial segregation in South Africa and was awarded the 1993 Nobel
Peace Prize. From 1994 to 1999 he was the first black president of the
Look up: With the majority of CDU and SPD, the City Council blessed
663 000 € additional costs for new construction of sports hall and
gymnasium in the cafeteria of the G8 FSG Training Centre
(Mäusheckerweg). The total cost of this first phase are estimated at
4.55 million euros. Gerd Dahm (Green) was very angry: "We are tired of
having to confront us again with such superfluous templates." It is
already "very long known that the costs get out of hand. This can not
go on." Like the Greens abstained and FWG, FDP and the Left.
Conversion: There was agreement, the City Council again when it comes
to the transformation of the elector-Baldwin-plus high school went to
a day school, in the form of offer from the school year 2012/2013. The
decision was unanimous.

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