Friday, 5 July 2013

Mandela fighting for his life

Concern for legacy of South Africa's national hero, as his family fights for fame and money.

The remains of three dead children Mandela -
Thembekile, Makaziwe and Makgatho - must therefore in their previous Graves are returned in Qunu.

Pretoria. Almost four weeks now wrestles with the death of Nelson Mandela. Every day, members to the bedside of the national hero of South Africa. But in a bitter family dispute rages for fame and money.

  The Royal House of Themba is outraged. The reputation of the greatest son of this nation, Nelson Mandela will, inflicted by "the strife in the Mandela family" great harm complained of the Royal House of Representatives, Chief Thanduxolo Mtirara, on the radio. He sharply criticized the "lack of respect" for the dead of the family - and especially before South Africa's national hero seriously ill. "We believe that the legacy of the old man is corrupt."

  The weeks since Mandela feared death was the catalyst for a now fiercely and publicly led coalition in the family. In the foreground are differences over the tomb of the Nobel Peace Prize. But it is also about power, fame and millions.

  The ignoble strife in the Mandela family worried not only Themba belonging to the ethnic group of the Xhosa. Also, the government and millions of South Africans follow the frightened family quarrel, which is openly in court and in front of the cameras and microphones of the international media. Also on Wednesday night they were there when the sheriff in Mvezo forcibly with an ax opened the gate to the estate of Mandela's grandson Mandla.

  Mandla Mandela is here in Mvezo, deep in the Eastern Cape, like his grandfather, traditional leader of the picturesque village. The political scientist is the only one in the family who went into politics and became deputy of the ruling ANC party. This also explains why the 38-year-old got access to government investment. Roads were built, a hotel, an accommodation for backpackers, a museum and restaurants. Owner is a State Foundation, chairman Mandla Mandela.

  The attraction of the system should be the tomb of Nelson Mandela, in the village, where he 18 again Was born in July 1918. Mandla Mandela has almost achieved his dream of a central Mandela memorial that would attract a stream of pilgrims and tourists for many years. However, his family did not want that the former freedom fighter is buried there. Also, the leadership in the family, the right to speak for Mandela, is made the eldest male member in dispute. Nelson Mandela deserve better "than have his name dragged through the mud," said the "Cape Times" evil.

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