Friday, 6 December 2013

Responses to death of Mandela in South Africa

South Africans celebrate and mourn their hero
Nelson Mandela on all channels , a state funeral is being prepared. And everywhere in South Africa , people make spontaneous mourning ceremonies for the national hero .

All flags at half mast, radio and television almost only reports of Nelson Mandela : South Africa mourns its national hero. The commemorative events will extend into the next week and find a state funeral peaked. These presidents and prime ministers from around the world are expected.

Hundreds of South Africans had already gathered on the night of Friday before the house of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg. Many of them danced and sang , some holding pictures of the "father of the nation" in the hands or waving the South African flag. Others lit candles to commemorate the dead on Thursday night at the age of 95 years Nobel Peace Prize . Blacks, whites , Christians, Muslims and Jews were among the mourners who gathered in front of his home in the suburb of Houghton .

The 26 -year-old Adam Alagiah said: "I am optimistic for South Africa , especially when I see how people react here . " " The blacks here took a white child on her shoulders, and she sang the national anthem together. That was telling , that was Madiba . " Madiba is Mandela's clan name .

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Many South Africans have come in Johannesburg before the house of Nelson Mandela. You mourn together to the late former president . comment to this video
Also in Soweto, a merger of several townships before Johannesburg, people celebrated the achievements of Mandela . The national hero had lived in Soweto in Vilakazi Street in the district of Orlando. " We are not here to mourn , but to celebrate Mandela, to honor and remember him ," said a participant in the newspaper Sowetan Live.

The former archbishop of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu , held a church service for his former companion in the struggle against apartheid. " Mandela has taught a divided nation to come together ," Tutu said. He formerly lived also in Soweto.

The preparations for his official funeral ceremony has begun. You could take place on Saturday next week at the seat of government in the capital Pretoria. A ceremony is under consideration , according to government sources , two days later , on 16 December , on the day of atonement in South Africa is committed.

Nationwide celebrations will take place , including the football stadium in Johannesburg , where Mandela during the Football World Cup 2010 had his last major public appearance .

Both chambers of parliament will interrupt their session break to hold a meeting in honor of Mandela .

Mandela is to be buried in his native village

The body Mandela was brought to the military hospital in Pretoria from his home early Friday morning. After the official ceremony in Pretoria Mandela is expected to be buried in a private ceremony in the village of Qunu , where he had spent his childhood .

Mandela had been in prison for 27 years because of his struggle against the racist apartheid regime. In 1994, he became the first president of a democratic South Africa . Mandela paved the way for reconciliation between blacks and whites in his home country.

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